Manipulator manual or motorized

manipulator The manipulator is the support of the translator on the Z axis, it can be manual or motorized. The manipulator allows manual angulation translator in two orthogonal directions:



The motorized manipulator allows angulation and rotation of the translator translator maintaining the same angle, the axes S and G are used for positioning the translator:






A turntable of 350mm (450mm optional) in diameter may be installed either permanently or simply placed on vibration feet to bottom of the tank. The set supports up to 91kg.


Contour following available

 plateau tournant plateau tournant



Bar Rotator

bar rotator

The Bar Rotator is a mechanical device with rollers that allows for the rotation of cylindrical parts (tube or bar) in a horizontal manner for ultrasonic inspection. The Bar Rotator is used in conjunction with an UltraPAC Immersion System and is inserted into the tank with an X, Y, and Z axis. The Bar Rotator is stepper motor driven and is fully controlled by the UltraPAC Computer System in conjunction with the other axes for a completely automatic scanning inspection. The Bar Rotator is able to scan parts from 1" to 12" in diameter, using 3 different roller positions, in each case both rollers in the system are driven to minimize part slippage.


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