External inspection TOFD and PE























AUT inspection system


Certified "GRT GAZ" since 2009


  • 100% automated weld inspection
  • Applications for pipelines, tubes, penstocks


Minimum diameter 16" (406.4 mm)
Coupling medium Circulating water
Guidance Rail system
Maximum diameter any diameter to flat array
Inspection speed 50 mm/s
Max. number of probes 12
Testing type TOFD and PULSE-ECHO
Weld coverage

100% Root

+ Summit
+ Core
+ Transverse defects

Displacement Automatic bi-directional + manual
Inspection intervals Adjustable - min. 0.5 mm
Maximum gradient 90°
Software Euroscan MVX
Visualisation mode A-scan, B-scan, C-scan and L-scan
Number of channels (software) 16 max.
Data acquisition system MVX 16 multiplexer
Distance between control and acquisition 20 m