Internal tube inspection



racleur 6/8 pouces

Intelligent UT pig



  • Ultrasonic inspection of 6"/8" pipelines
  • Flaw detection and characterisation: material thickness issues, dents, internal and external corrosion, pitting etc.
  • Inspection of distances from a few metres to several hundred kilometres



Wall thickness
2.1 mm to 35 mm
Max. pig displacement speed
3 m/s
Acceptable temperature range
0° C to 50° C
Maximum operating pressure
40 bar
Minimum radius of bend sections
1 D to 90°
Tool length
2.65 m
Tool weight
28 kg
Number of modules
7 (including propulsion module)
Axial distance between two acquisition sites
2 mm
Circumferential distance between two sensors
4.2 mm
Circumferential distance between two beams on
the internal tube wall
7.5 mm (6"), 5 mm (8")
Longitudinal positioning accuracy with respect to
upstream tie-in weld
+/- 10 mm
Circumferential positioning accuracy
+/- 5°
Battery life
11h per battery module carried
Number of ultrasound sensors
64 (6") / 128 (8")
Pitting detection
dia. > 5 mm
Dent mapping
deflection > 2 mm


Data acquisition methodology

The raw ultrasound signal (A-SCAN signal) is processed as follows: racleur