R US Hand Scanner, portable, dry Couplant

 rolling ultrasons scanner

The RUS Scanner ("Rolling Ultrasonic Scanner") is a single-axis, encoded, magnetic-wheeled hand scanner designed for the inspection of highly-curved or flat metal surfaces.

Its spring-loaded, dual crystal, dry-contact wheel transducer eliminates need for surface preparation or messy couplant.

It can function in temperatures up to 195°F ans is ideal for use on bridges piping, and storage tanks.


Spécifications :
Total Weight

 1.07 lbs (500 grammes)

Dimensions (cm)

4.5''L * 2.2''W * 2.3''H (11.43 L * 5.84 l * 5.59 H)

Wheels 4, magnetic, 1'' diameter
Transducer 5 MHz dual-crystal dry-contact
Encoder Resolution < 0.005


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