Manual or motorized XY scanner


Motor XY 2(Motorized)



Man XY 2 (Manual)

This scanner is composed of a lightweight two axes allowing movement of a translator to automatically contact a water chamber or coupling system water jet. The movement is made in an XY plane and the maintenance of the translator is achieved by a simple mechanism, the overall weight of the translator and mechanics and a retaining spring can apply a coupling constant on the test surface.


Specifications :
Scanning X=457mm, Y=381m
Resolution (encoders) 50 μm
Engines (motorized) step by step
Velocity (motorized) 250 mm/sec
Angulation of the fixing head 360 °

700g (motorized)


For simple and quick installation, arms can be supplied with suction cups or magnets.
XY can be connected to the Pocket Sytem (Pocket UT) and all UltraPAC system (UltraPAC)