Smart tool for weld inspection

EuroscanV : Simple and easy to use


EuroscanV AB View

Ascan/Bscan acquisition


EuroscanV Features :

  • Bscan acquisitions are exportable to MS Excel
  • Setup all UTC 110 and USB 8M parameters (tgc, gates, filter, sampling,...)
  • Customizable IHM



Euroscan MVX : A complete solution for TOFD inspections (mono or multichannels)


Data acquisition, imaging and analysis software.


Euroscan MVX Features :

  • Real time A, B, and C-Scan displays with amplitude and time-of-flight (thickness)
  • Powerful post processing features, including: zoom, linearisation, generate Cscan
  • Data export to MS Excel
  • Compatible UTC 110USB 8M and older version
  • TOFD helper
TOFD helper is quickly and easily tool for modelling the emission cones and receiving a pair of TOFD transducers. The user can set a test piece, and then locate and define the characteristics of translators to cover the inspection area desired.

tofd helper