Software for system and UT imagery

 Ascan, Bscan, Cscan, Statistic, FFT, ...

UTWin™ Ultrasonic A, B, C-Scan Software


UTWIN is a complete software designed for ULTRASONIC acquisition and analysis.

It is easy to use and has a friendly interface and analysis tools, working in real time to display A, B and C scan.


Ready to use : IPRAD, UTC 110, Remote UT, Pocket UT, Immersion tank




Real Time Acquisition

  • Ascan with cursors and values displayed from available gates, thickness measurements between gates, FFT, phases.
  • Bscan view in depth (with RF option).
  • Bscan Amplitude or Time of Flight curves.
  • Cscan with Amplitude, Time of Flight, Velocity… features.
  • Synchronisation on back wall echo
  • Motion back on defect
  • Multiple windows display, multi channel.
  • RF Signal (in option) allows modifying gate parameters after acquisition


Hardware Setting

  • Select Pulser/ Receiver / Digitizert UT and axis control boards.
  • Setup parameters for up to 8 axis mechanics : Motors, belts, gear ratio…
  • Easy adaptation to all kind of mechanic working with stepper motors and/or encoders, like immersion tank, gantry, robots...


Data Storage

  • Test Setup (Projects, desktop)
  • Data Cscan, Bscan binary or ASCII
  • Auto store Ascan binary or ASCII
  • Multiple graphical formats JPG TIFF CSV…
  • Hardcopy printing graphs, windows or page


  • Replay Ascan, Bscan, Cscan using data within all gates and features, FFT in gates.
  • Simple or double cursors.
  • Back on defect in replay mode
  • Zoom
  • Image filter,
  • Color palette,
  • Statistic analysis (option) in all image or selected area
  • Cluster analysis (option): draw bounds according to selected threshold, display surfaces and location.
  • SURFACE analysis, maximum detection, signal to noise ratio...




File replayed from previous acquisition using the previous software ULTRAWIN


Reporting analysis with Word, Excel, ...


CSCAN 3D graph, display C-SCAN tables, display maximum, Minimum, values…