Specific systems : industrial applications


not exaustive list


High velocity billet inspection:

  • 4 axis immersion Tank.
  • 240 rpm, 90 kg weight billet.

High velocity billet inspection


Large Immersion Tank:

  • Multichannels with 8 AD-IPR
  • High speed inspection.
  • Clustering

Large Immersion Tank


Immersion Tank for Tube inspection :

  • 10 m length
  • Multi-probes head
  • MUX 5 channels
Immersion Tank  for Tube inspection Immersion Tank  for Tube inspection


Motorised and Automated Head for weld inspection in Primary Circuit : TOFD and visual control.

Nuclear Application.

  • Multi-scale approach.
  • UT unit and Video unit embedded.
  • Longitudinal and transversal defect control.
  • Mux 4 channels.

Head for inspection

Tofd Head

Head for inspection

Visual Head




Mousse Scanner:

  • Non couplant UT (piezoelectric)
  • 8 channels on Line (Through transmission)
  • Automatic flaw detection (Alarm)

Mousse Scanner


Strain Monitoring system (bolt or tie bar)

  • Civil structure application.
  • Long distance capabilities (30 m).
  • Stress monitoring available.
  • Hardware developement
  • Multi parameters.
  • Special algorithm was developed to process TOF with high accurancy.
  • Portable system (mono and multi channels)

Ultrasonic  stress Bolt Monitoring


Thickness monitoring during machining.

  • Software developement
  • Resolution : 0,01 mm.
  • Special mechanical design


High frequency System:

High frequency System