Ultrasonic Board ADIPR-Express-4



Ultrasonic System ADIPR-Express-4 New Generation.

The ADIPR-Express-4 is a full UT system on a 2/3 sized PCI Express Card. It includes a pulser/receiver. With a conversion rate of 250 MSPS and 14 bits of resolution, the signal processing is fast and precise, opening the door to a wide range of UT applications.

The integrated motion control enables control of up to 4 independent or synchronized axes and 4 encoders for motion feedback.


Spécifications :
A/D Resolution 14 Bits
Bandwidth 0.2 MHz - 32 MHz
Gain range 110 dB
A/D Conversion rate 250 MSPS
Pulser / Number of Channels 1, 2 or 4 independent channels of pulsing and receiving
Receiver / Number of Channels 1, 2 or 4 sequential or synchronized channels
Gates 4 independent gates for each channel
Pulse type Spike, square wave, tone burst, chirp
Number or motion axis 4 independent or synchronized
Dimension 8.75'' * 4.2'' * 0.50 ''


Applications :

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