Ultrasonic Module WIFI : AIR 110

The new Ultrasonic module WIFI AIR 110 implemented in our range of industrial ultrasonics modules.


Ready to work in echo mode or transmission, this module has a range of 50 meters. Its battery of 6 hours allows the operator to remove the cable between screen and the module. Applications in difficults or high access will become feasible.


To understand risks better about work conditions, The AIR 110 WIFI system could be sold with an adaptive equipement for its shipping, its application and at adverse weather conditions (AIR 110 BAG custom-made). Moreover, the weight and sizes of AIR 110 system make it a compact and light tool (Cfr. Technical Caracteristics).


Depending on your needs, the AIR 110 system is available in USB mode.


WIFI configuration:

Air 110 - Wifi Mode 

Rope Access



application travaux dur corde air 110 

 Thickness Measurement with drone


air 110 drone ultrasons



 Real time Cscan with AIR 110


Video link


Cscan AIR 110





USB Configuration :


Air 110 - USB Mode 


Ultrasonic Inspection (thickness, whelding, TOFD, etc.) 


 Air 110 usb application tube



Technical caracteristics:



Type: Impulsion carrée

Voltage:  30 à 280 V

Width of square: 20 à 400 ns

Resolution:  5 ns

Fall time: 4.8 ns

Rise time:  5.2 ns

PRF: 10 kHz max   

Amplification:  0 à 88 dB

Averaging: 2, 4, 8,16

Noise:  21 nV / Hz

Linéarity of TGC:  40 dB/µs

Resolution of TGC:  256 ns

Number of TGC points:  256

Bandwidth to @ - 3 dB: 

22 MHz

Resolution:  12 bits 

Frequency: 25, 50, 100 MHz

Type: Digital

Coefficients: 32





Power supply

Type: SRAM

Capacity: 2 MB

Resolution: 16 bits

Number: 2

Battery: 8H

Power consumption: 2.8 W

Weight / Dimensions

Weight: 150 grammes

Dimensions: 120 mm * 70 mm * 39 mm

 WIFI : 30 meters


For more information or to obtain the data sheet, click here