USb - LAB : Ultrasonic Solutions for the Research Lab

USb - LAB module: new Ultrasonic USB product

   EUROSONIC système USb LAB EN  

EUROSONIC, subsidiary of MISTRAS Group, completes its Ultrasonics USB Products with the module : USb-LAB. This devise has analog raw UT signal output before digitalization .

The operator can separate himself from the internal scanner of the case and work the raw signal with every external oscilloscope.



 Caractéristics & Applications:

  • Generator US signal until 15 MHz;
  • Quick connection and adjustment on every PC;
  • Visualisation A/B scan on PC (Optional C scan);
  • Defect detection (Metal Composite);
  • Measuring time of flight and Amplitude (3 channels);
  • Signal processing and specific development;
  • Controlled by a single USB port, the system has 4 encoder input.
Specifications   EMISSION / RECEPTION
Channel 1
Transmitter square-wave (50 ns to 1 microseconde)


10 V to 230 V
Bandwidth 15 MHz (-6 dB)
Amplification 0 dB to 80 dB
Acquisition speed until 20 000 acquisitions / s
PRF 300 Hz to 20 KHz
Raw signal output BNC
Trigger output BNC
Specifications  DIGITIZER
Resolution 12 bits
Frequency 80 MHz
Specifications  DIGITAL FILTERS
Settings (MHz) Off / 2,5 / 2,5 - 7,5 / 5 - 15
Encoders On request (1 to 4 available)
Communication and alimentation USB 2.0
Software EUROSCAN / UTwin / Librairy
The USb - LAB system is a smart Ultrasonic measurement tool ideal for Reseach Laboratories and Training Centers. 


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