Ultrasonic module UTC110 

The new system concentrates recent developments in microelectronics in accordance with the requirements of Ultrasonic control.


Smart & Efficient...

110 v3 

Suitable for embedded applications requiring ultrasonic real-time acquisition, UTC110 is positioned as a measurement tool for on-site inspections, centers training, OEM and laboratories.This module can be integrated into a small box IP65.




Industrial Applications
Laboratories Applications
  • Fault detection & Thickness Measurement
  • Tube & pipe inspection
  • Flaw Inspection & TOFD
  • Damage monitoring
  • Composite & Metal materials
  • Working et height
  • Boarding on manuel porter
  • Young's Modulus
  • Signal storage & exportation
  • Reseach & Development
  • Pratical work
  • Fourrier transform
  • Algorithmic Integration 


Technical specifications: 

  • Integrated UT system
  • View A, B or C scan
  • 2 or 4 encoders input
  • Interface with X -Y or R - Θ
  • Powered by USB link
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Synchronisation of multiple modules 
  • Works under Euroscan V et UTwin (Eurosonic products)
  • Compatible with XP, Windows 8, MacOS and Linux
  • DLL available (Intégration Labview, Matlac, etc.)
  • Software Development on request


Multi-channels => USB 8M


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